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19th Feb 2015 | by: Chris Smith

There have been many tragic news stories as of recent regarding house fires around the city and people losing their lives as a result. Fire safety may get overlooked on a day to day basis but it’s important to understand the main dangers that can cause a house fire and have safety measures in place in case of the unthinkable. 


Regularly Check Smoke Alarms: Take advantage of New Orleans Fire Department’s Free Smoke Detector Installation Program. Professional Firefighters will come to your home and install working smoke detectors. Visit or call 504-658-4700 for more information and get the program set up in your home.


Don’t Overload Circuits: Do not Place Cords & wires under rugs or in high traffic areas. Outlets that have sputter or emit an odor need to be professionally repaired or replaced.


Follow Appliance Manufacture’s Directions: Overheating, Unusual smells, shorts & sparks are all warning signs that appliances need to be shut off and be professional repaired or replaced.


Use Safety Caps: Cover unused outlets, especially if there are children in the home.


Practice Generator Safety: Keep anything combustible at least three feet away.


Have a Fire Escape Plan: Have in place an escape plan from every room of the home or business. Ensure family members of all ages have an emergency phone number and alternate meeting spot memorized.


This information comes directly from the City of New Orleans Fire Department page for citizens. Be Prepared & Be Ready.

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