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30th Jan 2015 | by: Chris Smith

This blog write up is by the great Owner & President of NolaGreen Landscaping, Mark Arenales. Mr. Arenales has been a professional expert for many years in the landscaping field and he believes this can be a crucial time in maintaining your lawn & garden.

“After a wet and cold winter there is nothing better than to get out into the lawn & garden. Cool season annuals like Snapdragons, Pansies, and Petunias can be fertilized with a slow release fertilizer. Lawn fertilizer can be applied in the early spring (just a few weeks from now). Right now is a good time to work with young trees. Prune young trees to develop a great branching structure, this helps to make the tree safer for pedestrian traffic and more attractive. Its also a good time to evaluate your landscaping, remove any unattractive plants, cut back any freeze damaged plants, and replace them with others that you prefer. Below is a list of other recommendations you can start now.
Pruning?Except for Maples and Birches, now is a good time to prune trees. If limbs are more than an inch in diameter, use the following method for removing branches. Make the first cut on the underside of the limb around 6 to 8 inches away from the trunk. Cut about half the thickness of the branch. Go to the top of the limb, and cut off the limb halfway between the underside cut and the trunk. The resulting stub should then be cut within 1 inch of the trunk.

Lawns?Winter weeds are evident in dormant warm-season turf. Apply spot applications of post-emergence herbicides or hand pull to control. When selecting a post-emergence herbicide such as Purge, Weed-Stop, or Weed-B-Gon, make sure you follow label directions, and that the product is approved for your particular grass type. Otherwise you may injure or kill your grass.

Cut branches?When forsythia, quince, star magnolia, and saucer magnolia buds show a touch of color, they are easy to force into bloom indoors. Cut branches, making sure not to destroy the natural shape of the plant. They should be in full bloom several days after you place them inside and in a vase of water.

Additional ?Remove spent annuals from your garden. Pull them out or cut them off at ground level and leave the roots to decompose to add organic matter to the soil. Also leave perennials such as lavender, Sage, Russian sage, and Thyme that set next year’s growth buds above ground on woody branches.
Do not cut down Ornamental Grasses until late winter or early spring
Clear dead plants, fallen leaves, and other debris from the floor of your garden. This yard waste can harbor diseases, rodents, or eggs of insects. Cut a clean edge where landscaping and flowerbeds meet the lawn. Edging is easier done the day after a rain when the ground is soft.”


Mark Arenales

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Louisiana Ag-Center Master Gardner
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Louisiana Licensed Horticulturist
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